Winnie’s Tavern and Memory Lane Comics

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Looking for a great place to grab a hamburger in Wilmington, North Carolina? How about a locally owned comic book shop that carries a large selection of comic books and more? We drove out to try Winnie’s Tavern and their cheeseburgers didn’t disappoint and afterwords picked up a few Star Wars figurines for the kids at Memory Lane Comics. Both Winnie’s Tavern and Memory Lane Comics are locally owned and operated in Wilmington, North Carolina.

First up, the food. A little background information on Winnie’s Tavern before get to what we ate.

Winnie's Tavern - Wilmington, NC - CarolinaBlogging

Location: Winnie’s Tavern is located near downtown Wilmington, North Carolina closer to the Greenfield Lake area.

Address: 1895 Burnett Blvd Wilmington, North Carolina 28401

Phone: (910) 762-1799

Menu: Click Here to view the Winnie’s Tavern Menu

Social Media: You can find Winnie’s Tavern on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter

Winnie’s Tavern in the local news –

Star News – Wilmington restaurant to be featured on Food Network
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Strange Carolinas: North Carolina Burger Bracket
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From the Winnie’s Tavern Facebook Page –

Winnie’s Tavern was established in 1962 by Winnie Swanson. Winnie’s is home to the “Winnie Burger.” The Winnie burger has been featured in many local publications and is fast being applauded for being the “Best Burger in Wilmington!” 
Winnie’s Tavern has also appeared in locally filmed movies most notablity “Blue Velvet.” We are a little off the beaten track but then again most of the best places are!

Now, the food. How did we hear about Winnie’s Tavern? Outside of it being a local fan favorite, Shad was able to grab a bite to eat there while in the Wilmington area with a co-worker and came home with raving reviews so he and I headed back over one day to grab some lunch.

What We Had –

I (Sarah) tend to stick with the more traditional toppings on my cheeseburger. Lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese… hold the pickle. Looking for something on the smaller side, our waitress recommended I try a Mini-Winnie which is a quarter pound burger served with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and your choice of american, cheddar, pepper jack or swiss cheese. I ordered the Mini Winnie with american cheese.

Mini Winnie - Winnies Tavern - CarolinaBlogging
Mini-Winnie with Cheese

One of the neat things I like about Winnie’s Tavern is that you get to choose from a few non-traditional sides. They of course have french fries but you could also choose from cajun fries, garlic fries, fresh cooked potato chips, sweet potato fries, onion rings, slaw or Ms Betty’s Bean Salad.

I chose the sweet potato fries as a side (another recommendation from our awesome waitress!).

My Mini-Winnie was delicious! Just the right size, made to order, fresh and hot. The burger itself was flavorful and juicy and not overcooked. The quarter pound size was just right leaving my appetite satisfied but not overly full. The sweet potato fries were also served hot. If you’ve never had a sweet potato fry before, they are denser than a russet potato french fry and they are a bit sweet. You could eat them alone but they are so much better when dipped in the warm cinnamon honey butter that Winnie’s Tavern serves them with.

Winnie’s Tavern has a wide selection of burgers including 6 specialty burgers. A popular choice is the Trailer Park Burger which includes Cajun Fried Green Tomatoes, Jalapeno Pimento Cheese, Hickory Smoked Bacon, Iceberg Lettuce, Onion, Bread & Butter Pickles and Chipotle Mayo or the Carolina Burger which is served with chili and slaw.

Shad is the more adventurous burger eater in the family and he tends to try anything if it comes with chili on it.

Our waitress recommended the Carolina Burger which is a Carolina Classic Style burger that comes with american cheese, mustard, onions, chili and slaw.

Shad’s burger was also served hot. The one problem you encounter with chili burgers or any burger with copious amounts of wet ingredients is the bun gets soggy before you finish eating making it almost impossible to pickup. That is not the case with the Carolina Classic. The bun was big enough to hold all of the ingredients including the chili and slaw when picked up and held together through the very last bites.

Atmosphere and Parking

Winnie’s Tavern is just outside of downtown Wilmington. If you are in the Greenfield Lake area you can find Winnie’s Tavern off Burnett Blvd which is a major connecting road to River Road that leads to the port of Wilmington. Expect to see 18 wheeler trucks in route in the day time hours.

Winnie’s Tavern has parking directly in front of the restaurant, on the connecting side street and across the street.

Winnies Tavern Google Maps - CarolinaBlogging
Google Maps View – Winnie’s Tavern

The atmosphere is casual with seating at the bar, inside tables and outside tables with umbrellas. As you enter and leave make sure to check out all of the bottle caps in the parking lot.

Winnies Tavern Bottle Caps Parking Lot - CarolinaBlogging

Next up, Memory Lane Comics & Toys.

We’ve been collecting all things Star Wars since getting back from our Walt Disney World trip earlier this year. A few local stores have the Star Wars figurines we collect but they infrequently get in new characters. On this trip we decided to check out Memory Lane Comics & Toys to see if we could find Maz Kanata and Kylo Ren for the kids.

Memory Lane Comics - Wilmington - CarolinaBlogging

I love that this comic book store is locally owned so all funds go directly back to a small business in North Carolina. If you follow Memory Lane Comics on social media you will see that they frequently have events before a movie release or during free comic day.

A bit of information about Memory Lane Comics & Toys –

Location: Downtown Wilmington, North Carolina

Address: 201 Princess Street Wilmington, North Carolina 28401

Phone: 910-392-6647

Social Media: Find Memory Lane Comics & Toys on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

For the Star Wars fans… before I talk about the other cool things we found at Memory Lane Comics & Toys, I must pay respects to the very large Millennium Falcon hanging from the ceiling inside the shop. See for yourself!

“It’s the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs! I’ve outrun Imperial starships, not the local bulk-cruisers, mind you. I’m talking about the big Corellian ships now. She’s fast enough for you, old man.”

We found exactly what we were looking for! A great selection of Star Wars figurines in stock plus an abundance of other figurines, comic books, aparreal and collectibles.

I came across a familiar book called “Night Night, Groot” which George from Imaginerding has written up a complete blog review on called “Night Night, Groot Picture Book, a review!“.

” Night Night, Groot “

From mlcshop.com

Memory Lane Comics has been providing Wilmington with quality comics, killer conversation, and fantastic folks for over 30 years. 

Beyond our extensive stock of new Marvel, DC, Indie comics and Graphic Novels, we have a huge backstock from major and minor publishers, vintage comics, stickers, patches, statues, toys, tee shirts, HEROCLIX, games, collectibles, posters, long boxes, short boxes, bags, boards, subscriptions, and much more! If we don’t have what you need, we’ll order it! We have the area’s LARGEST selection of vintage toys and new action figures with new stuff every week! 

Here are a few other shots we got while checking out the store.

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