Prissy Polly’s Barbeque in Kernersville

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Prissy Polly’s Barbeque in Kernersville

There are a few things in life that you never forget: your first kiss, the first time you heard your favorite song or your first roller coaster (right?). For me, I can add the first time I ever tasted pulled pork barbecue. I was 12 and we’d just moved to North Carolina. My dad’s boss took us to Stamey’s Barbeque in Greensboro (near the coliseum)  and we all tried this North Carolina speciality.

I was hooked and I would become a pulled pork connoisseur. It wasn’t until many years later that I was able to try Eastern style, which would quickly become my barbecue of choice.

Lexington style (also known as Piedmont style) is a red sauce that is usually flavored with ketchup, vinegar and pepper. Eastern style is more vinegar and pepper, with no tomato sauce.


Prissy Polly’s Bar-B-Que in Kernersville is one of the few places in the Piedmont area (Winston-Salem, Greensboro and High Point) that serves Eastern style barbecue and it’s a great place to sample both types. That way you can make your own decision.

Prissy Polly's Barbeque

Prissy Polly’s is a Kernersville institution and moved into a new location many years ago (I remember the old building; there was barely room to eat there). The parking lot is kind of small and the angled parking can be an issue during weekend nights.


The order counter is very large and the staff is welcoming. If you have a question about the food, they will gladly answer. Make sure to check the whiteboard to see what the daily specials are and to see if you can answer the trivia question. (Paying in cash nets a discount!)


Prissy Polly’s has a picnic feel to it, with wooden tables and benches. Many of the tables have checkered table cloths, as well. There are lots of tchotchkes on the walls, which add to the charm. On certain nights (usually Thursdays and Saturdays), live music is offered, which makes Prissy Polly’s more of a hangout and less of a restaurant. If you’re craving great barbecue on those nights, be prepared to get takeout if you’re not interested in the music.

Prissy Polly’s Barbeque


As I mentioned, I always go for the Eastern style barbecue when given the chance. Since Prissy Polly’s Barbeque is one of the few places to offer both, I always opt for the more vinegar-based sauce. I just can’t help myself, especially since I can get Lexington style everywhere else. On my last visit I ordered the small plate, which only comes with two sides. The hush puppies are really good and go great with the barbecue sauce.

Prissy Polly's Barbeque

In the second photo, I added the vinegar-based sauce. I always recommend tasting before you add the sauce. In most cases the barbecue sauce adds a bit of a kick and makes the pork a little more moist.

The Eastern style barbecue at Prissy Polly’s does have a heavy pepper taste to it, but that’s just part of the special recipe. It’s never been very dry and there’s always enough sauce to make it flavorful without being soppy.
Prissy Polly's Barbeque

Prissy Polly’s Barbeque also offers barbecue slaw. Most barbecue restaurants offer it, and I always suggest it over the regular slaw.

Barbecue slaw, also known as red slaw, is made using ketchup and vinegar instead of mayonnaise.

What Else is on the Menu at Prissy Polly’s Barbeque?

Prissy Polly’s Barbeque also offers a lot of other food, but I’m not sure why you’d ever get anything but barbecue! My youngest will vacillate between the cheeseburger and the chicken fingers. They also offer hot dogs, fried chicken, ribs, seafood and plenty of sides!

My eleven year-old swears by the chocolate cobbler.

Have you ever eaten at Prissy Polly’s Barbeque? What’s your favorite: Eastern or Lexington style?

George H. Taylor

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