Odom Farming Company, Inc.

Join us as we take a look at the unique small businesses of the Carolina’s. These are Carolina businesses that you need to know about! As part of our Carolina Travels small business series, we are chatting with the Odoms’.

They are the owners of Odom Farming Company, Inc located in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

What is your business name?

Odom Farming Company, Inc

How did your business get started?

My husband and I were looking for a new revenue source for our farm, and our own little niche in our community, so in 2009 we planted our first strawberry crop and our business has grown from there.

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 Image courtesy of Odom Farming Company, Inc.
Image courtesy of Odom Farming Company, Inc.

What does your customer base look like? Do you serve a specific age group or customer type?

We serve everyone, but most of our customers are families with young – teenage children. I would also venture to say at least half are military, as Seymour Johnston Air Force Base is located in our town.

Odom Farming Company, Inc.
Image courtesy of Odom Farming Company, Inc.

Does your business have a busy season or time of year that attracts more customers? When would be the perfect time for a customer to check out your business?

We are usually only ‘open’ for business in the spring for strawberry picking and in the fall for pumpkins and our corn maze, but we also have a 20 week CSA program that goes through the summer. Fall is when we have the most activities for parents and kids, and we have scheduled schools and groups almost every day during that season. Click here to view the fall activity lineup at Odom Farming Company, Inc..

Links to know:

Fall Rates & Hours | Fall Field Trips | Get Directions

What makes your business special to the community?

I think what makes our business special is we’re everyone’s family farm. We welcome visitors, we want to explain what we’re doing, and we want everyone to feel comfortable just coming to hang out at our place. We’re just a small agritourism farm compared to some, we might not have as many attractions, but my husband or I are always here, we love interacting with our customers and we do everything we can to make sure everyone who steps foot on our farm feels welcome and has the best time we can give them. When we can we help local food banks by donating food or hosting food drives and we feel community service is central to our business and our personal lives. We host a huge community event in March every year where we have every 2nd grade (public school for now) in Wayne County come out for an Ag Day where we highlight agriculture in our county. We get local farmers out and ag-businesses to sponsor, and we plan the event along with our fellow Wayne Co Farm Bureau Young Farmers & Ranchers.

*View photos of the sunflower fields of Odom Farming Company, Inc when they were featured as part of our Wordless Wednesday series.

Where can customers find more information about your business?

Odom Farming Company, Inc.

1426 Claridge Nursery Road Goldsboro, NC 27530

Odom Farming Company Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

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