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Welcome back to our small business series with Carolina Blogging. This is the place where we share information with you about small businesses in and around the Carolina’s. Consider using one of these businesses the next time you want to shop local to help boost our local economy! When you shop small business you are supporting families and aspiring individuals.

Today we are highlighting Memory Lane Comics out of Wilmington, North Carolina by request from one of our readers. Visiting Memory Lane Comics while in downtown Wilmington has become a tradition and a treat for us as a family! We love checking the shop often for new Disney Funko Pops, Black Series Star Wars figurines to collect and for new comics to read.

Memory Lane Comics
201 Princess St.
Wilmington, North Carolina 28401
Phone: 910.392.6647

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

How did your business get started?

We (2 brothers) took over the shop from the previous owner. We had been shopping here since we we in pre-school.

Memory Lane Comics, “Your Friendly Neighborhood Comic Shop”

What does your customer base look like? Do you serve a specific age group or customer type?

Everyone under the sun!

New Releases | Store | Events

Does your business have a busy season or time of year that attracts more customers? When would be the perfect time for a customer to check out your business?

We stay slammed during the summer with tourist traffic but are always available to recommend great books for anyone’s specific tastes. New book releases every Wednesday and usually attract a decent crowd.

What makes your business special to the community?

We’re an event-driven store, focused on giving back to the community we grew up in. Our biggest day every year is Free Comic Book Day in May where we introduce hundreds of new people to comics every year.

Mark your calendars! Free comic book day in 2020 is on May 2nd!

Memory Lane Comics - Wilmington - CarolinaBlogging

Check out all of the things you can find at Memory Lane Comics. Is what you are looking for not on the list? No problem! Call the shop to see if what you are looking for can be ordered.

  • Comic Books (Vintage and New Releases)
  • Graphic Novels
  • Stickers
  • Patches
  • Statues
  • Toys
  • Tee Shirts
  • Games
  • Collectibles
  • Posters
  • Bags
  • Boards
  • Action Figures
  • Funko Pops
    And more…

Memory Lane Comics
201 Princess St.
Wilmington, North Carolina 28401
Phone: 910.392.6647

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Read more about Memory Lane Comics when we went on a day date to Winnie’s Tavern and to find a few Black Series Action Figures for the kids.

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