Mad Greek Grill in Kernersville, NC

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Mad Greek Grill in Kernersville, NC

The Mad Greek Grill, located in Kernersville, NC, is the second location for this restaurant. The first one is in the Palladium Shopping Center in High Point. This traditional Greek restaurant is a first for Kernersville and it’s been on my short list of must-try places. The Mad Greek Grill is located at 708 Highway 66 South in Kernersville (it’s in the former Kerner House location). It’s fairly easy to get to from Interstate 40 and Interstate 40 Business.

mad greek grill



Inside the Mad Greek Grill

The interior of the restaurant is fairly utilitarian but there are plenty of booths and tables. Bright, blue checkered table cloths match the strong blue of the logo and the interior. As you walk in, you’re greeted with a very active dining room and service counter. The staff has always been welcoming and friendly. They’ve been quick to answer questions about the menu and offer suggestions.


The menu boards are on four large screens behind the counter. They were bright and very easy to read.


Each booth/table came with all the needed condiments, including Greek dressing for the salad.

Mad Greek Grill: the Food!


On one of our visits, we ordered the onion rings appetizer ($3.29). They were some of the best onions rings that I’ve ever tasted. The breading was light and not as oily as traditional onion rings. The portion was large enough for a group of four to enjoy without feeling overwhelmed.

I’ve been to the Mad Greek Grill five times and I’ve ordered the Pork Souvlaki Pita each time!


Seriously, it’s that good!

The Pork Souvlaki Pita ($6.29) comes with Tzatziki Sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion and green peppers. The photos do not do it justice; the pita is extremely large. It’s actually so big that I end up leaving a lot of it behind on the plate, which is ok with me, since I can use the fork to finish it off!

The pork is very tender and has a slight peppery taste to it. The vegetables are fresh and crisp. As much as is included in the pita, it’s a very satisfying balance between the pork, vegetables and Tzatziki Sauce.

mad greek grill

Over the past three months, we’ve eaten at the Mad Greek Grill five times and we’ve enjoyed each visit. The menu is diverse enough so that everyone can find something they like. A fairly generic children’s menu is offered, along with appetizers, salads, pitas, Greek pasta, subs and Greek (Hellenic) platters.

Most dinner items were around $7.00 and some came with sides, such as French fries or a Greek salad.

Next time you’re in Kernersville and looking for something different, make sure to check out the Mad Greek Grill!

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