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I have got the perfect place for you to visit before Halloween! This farm is sure to please both the Halloween thrill seekers and those looking for a family friendly place to visit! Legacy Farms is located in Wallace, North Carolina and has everything from a gigantic corn maze to face painting and an outdoor classroom. First, let’s get to the family friendly stuff and then the spooky stuff will come later. It’s probably best that I show you the fluffy bunnies before you go running in fear after seeing what Legacy Haunt has to offer.


For family friendly and group events, Legacy Farms has a neat approach at keeping their visitors entertained. Whether you are visiting with your loved ones, as a small group, or as a larger group; Legacy Farms can accommodate you.

There are teacher led farm tours, educator led tours, and even things like hayrides, corn mazes, and other special requests are available seasonally.

Family Friendly Farm Days

During the FALL we have lots of fun activities on the farm.  We have Large Inflatables from Fowlers Fun Inflatables.  We also have hayrides with educational tour guides, who give you hands on interaction with organic farming techniques and demonstrations.  Also this time of year gives us a great time for a corn maze and animal encounters with the hand raised animals in the animal sanctuary. – Courtesy of LegacyFarmsEvents.com

I love that they have flexible options where you can customize your visit to be age appropriate for smaller visitors! If you are interested in setting up a group visit, check out their Educational Experiences page to get more information and submit your Field Trip Request Form. Check here for pricing on the Farm Pass at Legacy Farms.



Photos Courtesy of LegacyFarmsEvents.com

Next comes the Wedding Venue. I am just blown away by the beautiful pictures that have been taken at their venue. Imagine your wedding held with a backdrop of hay bales sitting in a field of lush green grass. Your wedding event would be perfectly set with the surroundings of a country scene with friends and family. With Legacy Farms located in North Carolina, the weather is mild pretty much year round. This leaves room for event planning to accommodate your wedding during any season.

Now to the spooky stuff………

You might want to tell the kids to go take a potty break or something for this next segment……………

Prepare yourself for the one and only Legacy Haunt

Ok, before we get to the extreme creepy I do want to remind you of what you can still do during the day as quoted by Legacy Farms Haunted Halloween on Facebook.

It is a BEAUTIFUL day here at Legacy Farms!!! Bring your friends and family out to enjoy this perfect Fall weather at our Family Friendly Sunday Funday , get lost in our Corn maze, hayrides, animal encounters, face painting, Fowlers Funflatables, free carnival games and more!!!

And here comes the spooky. 

For the record, I warned you.

Photo Courtesy of LegacyHaunt.com

Welcome to night time at Legacy Haunt. Just to be clear, this is an extension of Legacy Farms which includes all of the fun and festive things to do during the day.  At Legacy Haunt you will find all things that go bump in the night, lurk under the bed and go scratch on the door. I seriously can’t even begin to describe the disturbing things that you will find in the corn maze or haunted house at Legacy Haunt. Perhaps a slide show of frightening images would convince you more to visit. Catch a glimpse of what is lurking in the dark by viewing the slideshow here.

The other night, Legacy Haunt put this little diddy up on their Facebook page and I about dropped my phone.


Anyone else want to hold my hand as we walk around a haunted corn maze filled with the boogie man and zombies? I declare this to be the most unhappy thing you will have done this year. You better bring your “I scream like a little baby” voice because you are going to need it.

It makes me feel a little bit better that the disclosures about the haunted corn maze state that the creepy corn zombies are not allowed to touch you and you can’t touch them. However if one of them took off running directly at me, I do believe I would go running in the opposite direction. Perhaps you’d be up for a classic zombie hunt where you can “assassinate the outbreak of zombies lurking in the shadows” (courtesy of Legacy Haunt).

With a movie set grade haunted house set among the frightening corn maze, Legacy Haunt is sure to bring out the screams as you make your way through their Halloween attraction.

Now that we have all done spot checks under our beds and turned on every light in the house, let’s discuss how to get to Legacy Farms. Below are a few links to make finding the place and paying for your visit a little easier. The address is located at the top of their webpage!

Legacy Farms | Field trips, Wedding Venue & Farm

Events Calendar & Farm Pass Pricing (Farms & HauntContact  Field Trip Request Form  Wedding Venue 

Legacy Haunt | Haunted House and Corn Maze

Location & Contact  FAQ’s  Event Dates  Opportunities

Legacy Farms Events Facebook Page

Legacy Farms Haunted Halloween Facebook Page

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