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“The Great” Carolina Fried Chicken Map

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NC, SC Fried Chicken Map Releases with 319 Stops

Imagine the thought of sinking your teeth in to a freshly fried piece of southern fried chicken. Imagine having access to a goldmine of a resource that listed over 300 stops within North and South Carolina of fried chicken. Having that type of resource would make for one epic road trip with a guaranteed delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner already planned with stops along the way. And yes, we said breakfast. In the south fried chicken is an all day affair.

Image courtesy of ediamaps.com

Hot off the press, we have the inside scoop to this unique and one of a kind resource that you must pick up before your next road trip across North and South Carolina. If there is one thing we know in the south, it’s fried chicken.

NC + SC, statewide — Fresh off the printing press in Burlington, NC, The Great Carolina Fried Chicken Map starts shipping out today to customers and retail shops around North and South Carolina. With 319 stops across two states (181 NC, 138 SC), the map highlights a full spectrum of eateries specializing in fried chicken, from traditional fried chicken take-outs to linen-clothed sit-downs and from gas stations to church dining rooms. All the fried favorites are included: traditional Southern-fried, biscuits, sandwiches, chicken-and-waffles, Nashville-style hot chicken, Korean double-fried, smoked-fried, wings, and two styles native to the Carolinas — dipped chicken and Calabash chicken. – source

Each restaurant’s symbol on the map details how their fried chicken its made — battering method, frying
method, and oil type, giving diners a look at the science of frying and how each choice affects the final product. And it tells you where to find the most traditional of all — the places that still fry in a cast iron skillet and the ones who do it with lard. – source

Whether you will be eating your fried chicken with fingers or a fork, having access to a map like this means you can eat your friend chicken any way that you would like.

Now on to a bit more about why we at Carolina Blogging are excited about this map. It’s not every day that you come across a map like this so why would you even need one? Lets put it like this. Think back to when you were growing up as a kid. I am almost certain there were those go to restaurants that made their way in to the plans for family road trips. Restaurants that were timeless in the minds of opinions. No matter how long had passed since you and your family last visited, the food was always good. So good in fact that the miles between you and that savory meal made the trip well worth it.

Sure, a lot of what you see along the road nowadays includes some form of fast food chicken. Ready in minutes with a secret recipe branded in to the menu board. That is not unique fried chicken. That is chain fried chicken. Fried chicken pushed out of a drive thru window. The game changes when you get a map like “The Great” Carolina Fried Chicken Map. This is chicken that has been scouted out like a senior collegiate baseball player for the major leagues. Fried chicken so good that above all other fried chicken joints, this is the chicken worth sinking your teeth in to and certainly worth sharing with family and friends in a keepsake map that can be shared through generations to come.

Here is a bit more about why a copy of “The Great” Carolina Fried Chicken Map is a unique find and a must have.

Restaurant listings get adventurers road-ready, with address, phone number and hours, plus additional icons denoting any restaurants that have a buffet or cafeteria line, as well as places that are cash-only or take-out-only. The map also details the history and culture of fried chicken, packing in illustrations and explanations along the margins through roadside history and attractions, a timeline spanning nearly 10,000 years, and an “Almanac of Gallus Gallus Domesticus (the Domestic Chicken).” – source

The Great Carolina Fried Chicken Map is created by EDIA Maps, with graphic design by Good South in Raleigh, and printing by Meredith-Webb in Burlington — truly a Carolina product.

Maps are available for purchase at www.ediamaps.com and at restaurants, bookstores, and gift shops (stockist list at www.ediamaps.com). Folded road maps are available for $9.99 and poster versions for $29.99.  – source

Image courtesy of ediamaps.com

Portions of this blog post were gathered from a press release for “The Great” Carolina Fried Chicken Map. Images courtesy of ediamaps.com. Along with “The Great” Carolina Fried Chicken Map, ediamaps.com also has an impressive map collection including highlights on other southern favorites like the Great NC BBQ Map // 2nd Edition, Charlotte Adventure Map and the Great NC Beer Map.

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