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Join us as we take a look at the unique small businesses of the Carolinas. These are Carolina businesses that you need to know about! As part of our Carolina Travels small business series, we are chatting with the folks over at Charlie Graingers. With several locations across Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, and West Virginia; this growing franchise has roots tied directly to Wilmington, North Carolina with its founding location and the community.

Fresh ingredients, quality customer service, and an amazing atmosphere make us the best Hot Dog, Brisket & BBQ spot in town. –

What is your business name?

Charlie Graingers

Pictured: Charlie Graingers Fedora Hot Dog. A dog served with Duke’s Mayo, Melted Cheese and Real Bacon Bits.

How did your business get started?

The Charlie Graingers’ story began in 1939 by Mr. and Mrs. Charlie and Anne Grainger. Mr. Grainger met his wife Anne and set his sights on starting a new life in North Carolina. Settling on Queen Street in downtown Wilmington, NC he opened the “Peacock Alley” restaurant that became the first drive-in in town. After 40 years in business, the Grainger’s retired in the 1980’s leaving a long legacy of good food, great memories, and lifelong friendships. Many generations, young and old, fondly remember the smell and taste of the original Peacock Alley and it’s lasting memories made over the decades.

Louis North purchased the site of the Original Peacock Alley in 2012. He demolished the too far dilapidated and condemned buildings and decided to rebuild the location to it’s former glory. He built the new restaurant with heritage in mind – fine food served with a smile in a Classic Americana atmosphere. North revived the hot dog tradition but added his own staples to the menu introducing his famous brisket, bbq, and chicken salad to accompany the homemade soups and sides. Charlie Graingers is now expanding, bringing the values of a classic Southern restaurant to the rest of the Country.

What does your customer base look like? Do you serve a specific age group or customer type?

Charlie Graingers isn’t so much focused on a specific group, but we are definitely family and community oriented as a whole. Our goal is to have a restaurant where, at any given lunch hour the Mayor can be found sitting next to an auto mechanic enjoying a quick bite or families can come to make lasting memories.

Check out the entire Charlie Graingers Menu here

Does your business have a busy season or time of year that attracts more customers? When would be the perfect time for a customer to check out your business?

The warmer months tend to be busier for our coastal locations, primarily because of traffic from visitors to the area. That being said, we have products that are perfect for any time of the year, and a delicious hot dog or brisket is always a great treat.

Charlie Graingers - Brisket , closeup
Charlie Graingers Beef Brisket – mouth-watering Brisket Topped with our Housemade Molasses BBQ Sauce and Housemade Creamy Cole Slaw. 14 Hours in the Making. –

Need a dinner idea on the go? Consider one of the many options available that Charlie Graingers serves in bulk for take-out.

Check out the entire Charlie Graingers Menu here

What makes your business special to the community? 

Charlie Graingers is a unique combination of a friendly, comfortable atmosphere and delicious, traditional food any community will love.

A couple of details that Carolina Blogging would like to add about their visit to Charlie Graingers…

While everything on the menu at Charlie Graingers is certainly worth a try, here are a few of our personal favorites that are worth having seconds!

Charlie Graingers Menu Variations

Looking for a traditional dog to enjoy on your lunch break? Try the CHARLIE GRAINGERS, a hot dog served with Mustard, Chili, Slaw. How about a hot dog with a sweet and sour tangy kick. The CAPE FEAR hot dog is deliciously prepared with Mustard, Chili and Sauerkraut. Warm your palate with the THE D.C., a hot dog served with Chipotle Mayo, Jamaican Relish, Jalapenos and Onions.

Find all of the hot dog variations served at Charlie Graingers by visiting their online menu…

Check out the entire Charlie Graingers Menu here

Charlie Graingers House Pink Lemonade

charlie graingers hot dog - 1

This is NOT your average pink lemonade! Made fresh daily in-house, Charlie Graingers Pink Lemonade is the perfect beverage to accompany your meal. It’s not watered down, deliciously flavored and does not have the traditional “bite” that a lemonade can sometimes have. Served from a signature Charlie Graingers dispenser, this pink lemonade almost always lures me in its direction as I search for something to drink with my meal. Looking to try something different, fill up a cup full of “The Uptown“. A blended version of Charlie Graingers Half Pink Lemonade and Half tea, your taste buds will be satisfied!

Charlie Graingers Signature Sauces 

charlie graingers signature sauces
Charlie Graingers Beef Brisket – mouth-watering Brisket Topped with our Housemade Molasses BBQ Sauce and Housemade Creamy Cole Slaw. 14 Hours in the Making. –

Charlie Graingers has a variety of house sauces that are served alongside or on their menu items. Flavors such as Housemade Molasses BBQ Sauce and Vinegar BBQ Sauce add a saucy signature twist to the brisket.

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